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Easy Steps To Configure Auto Response Feature In Yahoo!



When you are out on vacations, you can also inform your mailers about your vacation by configuring an automatic holiday response feature of Yahoo. It is one of the best features which are introduced in Yahoo.

When you are back, you will easily read and reply to all mail you received. Yahoo Mail provides the best way to tell those who send you mail and you are not able to reply due to any reasons but first, you need to configure the Vacation auto response option in Yahoo mail.



Mail reply to emails automatically while you're out of the office:


  • Scroll the mouse cursor over the settings gear icon in Yahoo Mail.
  • Press on the Settings displayed on the menu.
  • Browse to the Vacation Response category.
  • You need to checkmark the Enable during these dates (inclusive) below Automatic response.
  • You need to define the Start and End date of autoresponders below “From: and Until:” option respectively.
  • Enter the response message which you wish to be sent to all incoming mail below Message.
  • It is best option to provide information about you in a note on when you expect to come back and is able to respond manually.
  • You can also use the toolbar option for formatting text in your auto-response.
  • Normally, you can set different response for emails you received from a specific domain.
  • To send another response to certain senders who all share a domain
  • Ensure that the different reply for emails from a particular domain is marked.
  • You need to type the domain senders from which should get auto-reply under the First
  • If you wish to send the alternate vacation message to all the people from your company at "mycompany.com", in that case, using addresses such as "me@mycompany.com", type "mycompany.com".
  • You need to enter it below Second domain to add another domain or you can also do by entering "0" under the Second
  • Enter the preferred alternate auto-response under
  • Press Save.

 Yahoo Mail's auto-response system will memorize who a vacation reply was already sent to, so repetitive mailers will get only one vacation response automatically. These are some simple steps which will help you to configure auto response feature in Yahoo. If you face any trouble while performing these steps, then you can give a call to authorized support toll-free phone number for Yahoo available and active anytime on the web.



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+44 - 800-051-3717 (UK)
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