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Yahoo! Mail is one of the popular email programs available on the web, Windows 10 and mobile devices with unlimited email storage. It offers SMS texting, social networking, and instant messaging services to its users for free.

Yahoo! Mail is very simple to use. It provides many features such as free-form labeling, smart folders, and the Yahoo spam filter are very effective. Here we listed some Pros and Cons of Yahoo Mail, which will help you to use Yahoo mail with ease.

Pros of Yahoo Mail

  • Yahoo provides unlimited storage to its users as compared to Gmail and Hotmail which provides limited email storage.
  • They keep an eye on every account. If you are violating Yahoo terms and policies, then your account will be flagged by the anti-abuse office.
  • Yahoo is much better option than other desktop applications such as MS Outlook and Outlook Express. As with Yahoo, you can save your emails on the web but on your desktop, you need to save the data on your hard drive. So, by using Yahoo you can save memory.
  • If you want to use Yahoo Messenger, you don’t need to download it. You can also access this chat function without downloading the application from Yahoo Mail Classic. It will also once again save the space on your hard drive as you don’t need to download the application on your system.
  • In the new version of Yahoo mail, you’ll find a new interesting feature of the Calendar. It will help you make a schedule of your daily routine. You can also configure the calendar to send you the email reminders about the events scheduled on your calendar.
  • Yahoo also consists of notepad feature. It is very useful while searching online. You can add your notes, edit your existing notes. It also has a feature to create a folder and helps you to organize all your notes.
  • Yahoo emails automatically scan all your emails with a Norton antivirus before you can read them. It helps you from receiving a virus which can harm your computer system.
  • The keyboard shortcuts option is available in Yahoo Mail.


Cons of Yahoo Mail

  • Yahoo does not consist of a book search or Desktop search feature.
  • Yahoo mail does not offer IMAP access for emails program.
  • In the new version of Yahoo, there are lots of ads are displayed on the page, which make difficult for you to find where your emails start or end. The old version is much better than its new version.

These above mentioned are some Pros and Cons of Yahoo Mail which will be very useful. For more details, you can also contact Yahoo experts by dialing Yahoo toll-free support service number USA available online.

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